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Cycle 1 (PS, MS and GS)
from 3 to 5 years old


Cycle 2 & 3 (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2)
from 6 to 10 years old


Cycle 3 & 4 (6e, 5e, 4e, 3e)
from 11 to 14 years old


Determination cycle & Final cycle
(2nd, 1st, Terminale) from 15 to 17 years old


Cycle 1 (PS, MS and GS) from 3 to 5 years old

Growing, learning and succeeding together

  • A school where children learn autonomy, self-expression and creativity.
  • A caring school based on play, manipulation, discovery and exploration.
  • A school where the child begins to learn how to read, write and count.
  • A school that follows the French National Education curriculum for kindergarten
  • A school where the child discovers foreign languages (English and Arabic).
  • A school that values the positive evaluation: the child is directly involved in identifying his or her successes.

An adapted environment

  • Spaces and equipment are designed for young children (classrooms, playground, exercise rooms, rest rooms and dedicated library)
  • An educational project offering school activities that respect the child’s rhythms.
  • A serene environment where the child evolves in complete safety. For each class, a teacher who is assisted by an ASEM (Agent SpĂ©cialisĂ© des Ecoles Maternelles) and offered continuous training.

5 areas of learning

Using language in all
its dimensions
Physical activities
Behaving, expressing oneself, understanding
through physical activity
Activités culturelles, artistiques et sportives
Artistic activities
Behaving, expressing oneself, understanding
hrough arts-related activities
Structuring one's thoughts
Building the first tools
to structure thinking
Exploring the world
All about our language pathways
Ecole Elémentaire-2

Elementary School

Cycle 2 & 3 (CP, CE1, CE2, CM1, CM2) from 6 to 10 years old


The Lycée Bonaparte offers pupils a caring, secure, playful and open-minded environment that develops confidence in themselves, in others and in the future.

  • Ensuring the acquisition of the fundamental knowledge-based tools: master basic skills in French (speaking, writing and reading), and in mathematics (calculation, geometry and problem solving).
  • Encouraging the development of intelligence, artistic awareness, manual, physical skills and sporting abilities.
  • Providing the basis of a historical, geographical, scientific and technical culture.
  • Providing grounding in visual and musical arts;
  • Teaching foreign languages with diversified linguistic paths.
  • Contributing to the understanding and responsible use of media, especially digital media.
  • To ensure the acquisition and understanding of the need to respect each individual, his or her origins and differences.
  • Conveying the need to respect children’s rights and gender equality.
  • Together with the family, ensuring moral and civic education which includes the learning and sharing of the values and symbols of the Republic and the European Union and prepares the child for his future exercise of citizenship.

5 courses of study, divided into 2 cycles

  • Cycle 2 (basic skills cycle)
    • CP (cours prĂ©paratoire),
    • CE1 (cours Ă©lĂ©mentaire 1Ăšre annĂ©e),
    • CE2 (cours Ă©lĂ©mentaire 2Ăšme annĂ©e)
  • Cycle 3 (development stage)
    • CM1 (cours moyen 1Ăšre annĂ©e),
    • CM2 (cours moyen 2Ăšme annĂ©e),
    • Le cycle 3 also include the 1st year of college (6Ăšme)

Infrastructures of quality

  • Adapted classrooms
  • Top of the range sports and recreational facilities
  • Fablab
  • Libraries

5 areas of learning

Learning languages to think
and communicate
Physical activities
Acquiring the methods and tools
to learn
Activités culturelles, artistiques et sportives
Artistic activities
Developing representations of the
world and human activity
Structuring one's thoughts
Training of the individual and
the citizen
Discovering natural and
technical systems
All about our language pathways


Cycle 3 & 4 (6e, 5e, 4e, 3e) from 11 to 14 years old

At the beginning of the 2022 school year, there were 465 pupils enrolled in the collĂšge (5 classes of 6eme, 6 classes of 5eme, 5 classes of 4eme and 5 classes of 3eme) .

The school emphasises the deepening and broadening of fundamental knowledge, the learning of modern languages, the experimental practice in science, the artistic creation in music and plastic arts, and sports. All pupils are equipped with a tablet on which they have access to homework and school books.

In 3Úme, the pupils work on their personal orientation project. They prepare for the DiplÎme National du Brevet (DNB) exams and their entry in Seconde (lycée).  All pupils in the collÚge have 26 hours of compulsory lessons a week, to which the following optional lessons can be added

A third Modern Language (Arabic) from 5Ăšme to 3Ăšme,

A European Section in English or in Arabic from 4Ăšme onwards

success rate in the "DiplĂŽme National du Brevet" in 2022
received high honours

Infrastructures of quality

  • Adapted classrooms
  • Top of the range sports and recreational facilities
  • An auditorium
  • Libraries

The “Common core of Skills, Knowledge and Culture” presents what each student should know and master by the end of the compulsory schooling. There are five areas of skills that are assessed and need to be validated to obtain the “DiplĂŽme National du Brevet”.

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During their schooling, secondary school pupils are required to follow four educational pathways: the “parcours Avenir”( personal Project for the  future), “parcours citoyen” ( Citizenship Pathway) , ‘parcours artistique et culturel” (the Artistic and Cultural Pathway) and  â€œparcours santĂ©â€ ( Health Pathway).

The aim of these pathways is to help pupils reflect on themselves, their relationship with others and the rest of the world. They contribute to helping them become enlightened people, educated in choice and the construction of a critical mind, aware of the major challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Each year, they result in a programme of actions and projects carried out by teachers, educational and health staff.

THE “PARCOURS AVENIR” (a course about the futur) to help each pupil progressively develop their learning and career management skills.

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THE “PARCOURS CITOYEN” (a citizen course) to prepare students for tomorrow’s world
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THE “PARCOURS D’ÉDUCATION ARTISTIQUE ET CULTURELLE” (an artistic and cultural education course) to awaken students to the issues of creation
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THE “PARCOURS ÉDUCATIF DE SANTÉ” ( health education course ) to teach students to grow up healthy
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The Lycée Bonaparte welcomes children of all nationalities, whether French-speaking or not, from kindergarten (maternelle) to the end of secondary school. Diversified and ambitious language courses are offered. The aim is to enable pupils to master languages in order to think, communicate and act in a multicultural and multilingual world.

A pathway for discovering and deepening the Arabic language : 

As a continuation of primary school, pupils have the opportunity to carry on learning Arabic. They develop their written and oral skills and acquire a solid foundation in grammar.  This teaching takes place in groups of skills adapted to the level of language of each student.  This teaching is also offered to beginners who want to discover the Arabic language.

The English European Section :

This course is intended for children with an already good knowledge of English. Pupils consolidate their knowledge, acquire a very good level of English and a thorough knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon culture. The students need to take a language assessment to join this section.

The European Section for Oriental Languages – Arabic

Students consolidate their knowledge, acquire a very good command of the language and an in-depth knowledge of Arabic culture.

The British International Section

Students deepen their knowledge of the English language and British culture.

English (Diplomas offered by the Cambridge English Language Assesment et issued by the British Council)



Spanish (Diploma offered by the Cervantes Institute)

DELE (Spanish Diploma as a foreign language)

Arabic (Diplomas offered by the “Institut du Monde Arabe”)


All about our language pathways

High School

Determination cycle and Final cycle
2nd, 1Ăšre, Terminale – from 15 to 17 years old


From the Seconde générale to the Terminale générale, the Lycée Bonaparte offers a demanding and rigorous education that follows the curriculum established by the French Ministry of Education. The aim of the lycée is to ensure that each student passes his/her exams and to prepare him/her for the construction of his/her personal orientation project, enabling him/her to continue his/her studies in higher education.

At the beginning of the 2022 school year, 275 students (in 4 classes of seconde, 4 classes of premiÚre and 4 classes of Terminales) were enrolled in the Lycée.

success rate at the baccalauréat in 2021
with merits
received high honours
The seconde class : a step in the orientation of a student
The Terminal cycle
The baccalaureat : an internationally recognized diploma
A diversified language pathway

The seconde class : a step in the orientation of a student

The aim of the seconde class is to give pupils the most open choices possible. The students get a common general culture and  discover new literary, economic, scientific or technological fields. In Seconde, the timetable and syllabus of the core curriculum are identical for all. They total 26.5 hours, plus optional teaching hours.

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The optional courses offered at the Lycée

  • LVC Arabic
  • LVC Spanish
  • European Section English
  • European Section Arabic

ADN-AEFE : A school exchange programme for French high schools around the world to experience the world Since 2017, 10th graders enrolled in an AEFE school have had the opportunity to change schools during the second term. This is an additional opportunity for students to explore a new environment and live a unique experience at this age.

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Class of  “Seconde” : an orientation class

At the end of the seconde class, students can pursue their studies in technological education or in general education. At the end of the year, students who choose general education must choose three speciality subjects which will be added to a core list of subjects for the final cycle.

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The Terminal cycle

The Terminal cycle includes :

  • common lessons for all students (16 hours)
  • a choice of compulsory specialties (12 hours)
  • optional courses of your choice

In addition to the common courses, students take a choice of compulsory specialties: 3 in PremiĂšre and 2 in Terminale. These courses allow students to gradually acquire skills and knowledge adapted to their future choices for higher education.

Specialty courses offered at the LycĂ©e : 
Life and Earth Sciences
Physical Sciences
History Geography Geopolitics Political Science
Economic and Social Sciences
Languages, Literature and Foreign Cultures

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The baccalaureat : an internationally recognized diploma

In 2021, the success rate of the baccalaureate was 100%. These excellent results are the result of the teachers’ unfailing commitment to the students’ education.
The French Baccalaureate is internationally recognized and allows our students to pursue higher education in the best international universities and schools.

The new baccalaureate
Since 2019, the Baccalaureate exam has been profoundly modified.

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Presentation video du baccalauréat

A diversified language pathway

Language learning is part of the DNA of the Lycée Bonaparte de Doha.
Find here all the details about our Modern Languages project :

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