The Bonaparte boutique

The Bonaparte boutique

A range of accessories designed for the school students, their families and the entire community taking advantage of the Lycée and its infrastructure.

Why creating a boutique?

In a few words, what led us to bring this project to life:
To build and forge a visual and cultural identity for the school.
To encourage cohesion and team spirit within the Lycée.
To meet some of the students’ everyday needs.

Pourquoi créer une boutique 

How was the design chosen?

It is a design exclusive to the boutique and the products developed for the Lycée.

The realization of this design is the result of a visual arts competition organized in December 2019 and targeting the creativity of our middle and high school students. This customized oryx head was created by a then 4ème B student, YASSAMINE NADJARI. A professional graphic designer and students’ mother, Sophie BAUDOUIN (ATELIER SO’COM), then, voluntary, revamped it to make it suitable to be used on different objects.

Bearing the colours of the Qatari flag, this oryx, is dressed in both French and Qatari symbols:

the red beret, Marianne’s scarf with the three colours of the French flag, the 9 stripes of the 9 Qatari provinces that are also represented on the Qatari flag by spikes separating the two colours (white and maroon), The thobe, part of the traditional Qatari outfit is represented by the fabric draped over the right horn.

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