The Management Comittee

The Management Comittee is the Executive Body of the Parents’ Association


  • Every year, during the autumn general assembly, by-elections are held
  • 9 parents members

Term of office

  • ReprĂ©sentatives are elected for 2 years
  • They are volunteers
  • They sign a confidentiality charter


  • Represents all parents
  • Carries the management of the school
  • Ensures the safety and continuity of the school’s operations
  • Collaborates to the elaboration of the axes and strategies of development for the school

The members of the Management Committee

Carole KAZZI
SĂ©bastien CANO
Administrative and Financial Director
Administrative and Financial Deputy Director
Representative of the teaching staff

Meets at least 1 time/month in plenary session

The French Amabassador in Qatar :
Honorary President of the Parent’s Association of the School

The Management Committee is structured into different commissions that :

  • Meet on a regular basis.
  • Are in charge of studying projects, questions or suggestions as well as giving advice, controlling or settling an issue.
  • Submit their recommendations to the Management Committee, which votes the relevant decision.

The different commissions are and issue advice on :

HR Commission
  • On the staffing table listing the positions and functions of the LycĂ©e (in consultation with the Principal
  • On the recruitment of local staff, over the course of a transparent and collegial selection process
The Finance Commission
  • The management of the finance of the Parents’ Association
  • The elements to be included in the financial settlement, the school fees and the payment terms and condition
  • The remuneration and financial conditions of the staff under the LycĂ©e payroll.
  • The Finance Commission prepares the budget in collaboration with the Principal and the Administrative and Financial Director
The Works, Security and Maintenance Commission
  • Contracts ensuring the smooth running of the school (insurance, transport, maintenance, purchase, sale, cleaning contracts, etc.)
The Development
  • Projects to enhance the value of the school by (non-exhaustive list): valorising the value of the school’s infrastructure and seeking sponsorship.
The Communication
  • Implementation of tools to improve the communication with the Parents’ Association
  • The school communication plan, in collaboration with the school direction

The Management Comittee

Appointment of the members of the Management Committee
The missions of the Management Committee’s members
The confidentiality charter of the Management Committe
The statutes of the Parents' Association